Clayton is located approximately three hours from Dallas, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City.

Though there are several locations to enter the Green Acres trails, the most common access point is the Clayton Air Strip. No longer used by airplanes, the Air Strip now serves as a trail head parking area for off road vehicles. 

There is a parking fee of $20 per vehicle per day to access the trails at Green Acres
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Where is Green Acres?
Located in the Kiamichi Mountains, the town of Clayton is home to some of the best rock crawling and Jeep
trails in the region. Trails were originally developed near Clayton nearly a decade ago on public lands. When
that land was sold back in 2002, access was lost. Clayton is only three hours north from the million people
living in the Dallas metropolitan area, so it did not take long before dedicated Jeepers from the Dallas / Fort
Worth area started looking for alternatives to the land that had been sold. Weldon Frieling opened an off-
road park north of town that offers moderate wheeling over a variety of terrain.
Mike Green later secured a deal with a local land owner to develop an area catering to the hardcore crowd,
accurately enough dubbed Green Acres. This area is home to some of the hardest trails around, and new
trails are being developed all the time. Since this is private property, any club or individual who wants to
develop a new trail merely has to provide the sweat-equity and they not only get a new trail, they get naming
rights as well!
The Green Acres 4x4 trail system can be difficult to navigate and is not always clearly marked. First timers to
the area should go with an experienced group with knowledge of the area. Clayton is not the place you want
to take a new stock rig. Expect some trail damage and breaks are common. If you're up to the challenge, you
will be hard pressed to find a better wheeling location than Clayton, Oklahoma.

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